Individual Therapy

Each person is unique with personal challenges that deserve support, and when in pain or struggling, it can feel isolating, lonely, and sometimes frightening. Individual therapy is an excellent avenue towards positive change without feeling so alone in one’s challenges. I am passionate about serving people, and I welcome clients of all ages, cultural backgrounds, preferences, and beliefs. I am experienced and equipped to help with a very diverse range of issues or situations. I treat adults, teens and children with individual mood/anxiety concerns related to almost anything. I also treat unwanted habits and help people make specific behavioral changes. I also treat communication and relationship issues from the perspective of the individual.

Tele-therapy (Video)

In my private practice, I also offer teletherapy sessions. These live video therapy sessions are offered to anyone residing in any part of the states of California and Oregon. Tele-therapy also allows accessibility and convenience to my local patients when it’s hard to get into the office, but they still want to prioritize their weekly session. I use a secure HIPAA platform (Simple Practice) to conduct these video sessions.

Therapy for Children and Parents

Please click here for more information about therapy with young children.