What will therapy be like?

In treating most issues, I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) because it is an effective, evidence-based, and results-oriented way to experience long-term relief and meaningful change in a relatively short amount of time. CBT is a practical approach to help patients identify their dysfunctional thinking patterns and learn to recognize the vast effect those patterns have on their emotional experience. In the process of learning to modify & defeat unhelpful thoughts, patients will form more adaptive perspectives, make desirable behavioral changes, and begin relating to others in more connected, satisfying ways.

More specifically, I most often utilize TEAM-CBT (TEAM=Testing, Empathy, Agenda Setting, Methods). This is an advanced application in cognitive behavioral therapy developed by Dr. David Burns, M.D., professor emeritus of psychiatry at Stanford University and best selling author of several books including Feeling Good, and When Panic Attacks. I am currently certified as a Level 2 TEAM-CBT provider, actively working towards Level 3 with weekly participation in an advanced consult group at Stanford, led by Dr. Burns himself, in addition to other conferences and workshops throughout the year.

More detail about my methods….

While CBT includes a structure of learning new methods and practicing skills, therapy with me always includes ample opportunity for patients to share their story and to receive genuinely empathic support, in the context of a comfortable atmosphere of ever-building trust.

I employ specific techniques to help my patients untangle any resistance to making positive changes, and to increase motivation, while feeling encouraged and valued in the process of changing unwanted habits and behaviors.   

CBT is primarily rooted in here-and-now work, but I will typically integrate reflection on early life relationships, and significant present-day relationships.  Sometimes our closest relationships provide us the most comfort and security, but at other times, it is where we experience the most pain. Paying attention to this affords us deeper insight into how our beliefs about others and our typical interpersonal patterns impact our mental & emotional well-being. 

I teach extremely effective communication skills that when practiced, will quickly improve relationship dynamics with any and all people in one’s life.

I also integrate & teach DBT, ACT, & Mindfulness skills when appropriate to one’s particular situation.  

Overall, I honor the fact that aspects of life can feel really difficult sometimes, and making changes does not always feel easy.  With this sentiment in mind, I truly strive to create a positive, worthwhile experience for my patients to move towards their goals and achieve sustainable change.