Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults, Teens & Children

Sarah Hester, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California (51495) and Oregon (T1595)

Highly Effective Treatment for Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Relationships & Behavior change.

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From experience, I have learned how truly possible it is to positively transform the way my patients experience their lives. Helping my patients to find more happiness, feel more at ease, experience moments of enlightenment, and to enjoy satisfying connections with the people in their lives is truly incredible.  I know that engaging in therapy is an investment, not only financially, but an investment of time, energy and personal work, so my goal is for my patients to experience their therapy as absolutely worth that kind of personal devotion. Everyone has a unique situation and deserves as much support as they need for however long, but I also value helping patients achieve therapy goals in the short-term whenever possible or desired.

I prioritize generating feelings of trust, safety, and support right from the start, so that my patients can comfortably process and heal what hurts them, while they also learn results-oriented and practical skills to manage emotions and behaviors in healthier, more effective ways.  

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